Cakes featured below are samples of my work and were designed by me, according to the customers' needs.

I look forward to working with you to make your cake a one of a kind work of art or recreating your favorite from my gallery!

~Please feel free to scroll down to view my cake gallery~

Because my 3D cakes are completely custom made, and priced individually by the complexity of their design, I do not have a standard price list; however, there is a minimum of $60 for all orders.


1. What are the hours of operation? I set my own hours by appointment. I am a cottage baker; which means, I work out of my home. Feel free to email or call anytime.

2. How many years of cake decorating/designing experience do you have? I have been making cakes for over 20 years; I have recently, over the last couple of years, added wedding cakes to my repertoire and I am loving it!

3. Do you do customized designs? Custom designs are my specialty :)

*How to order a custom cake*

Think about what would be fun, creative, and really say something about the person who you are getting the cake for. Does he/she play any sports or musical instruments? What are their hobbies? What is your child's favorite cartoon character or toy? Anything you can think of, we can possibly make into a cake.

After you have an idea of what you would like, EMAIL ME at with the following info:

The date of the event

What you have in mind for the design (or photo examples)

Whether it will be picked up or delivered (please include pick-up/delivery time and/or location)

How many people you will need the cake to serve ~Flavors, fillings, and type of frosting you have in mind Once I receive all of the necessary information, I will email you a price quote.

4. Do you have taste testing? Yes, I provided taste testing by appointment and each buttercream frosted cake is $5 per flavor and $8 for each fondant frosted flavor. Tasting cakes are a small take home cake that are 4-6 servings. I bake them fresh and they are a full (small) cake, not a tiny bite.

5. How much are consultations? Consultations are $25 which include two flavors of your choice and I will work with your/my schedule, by appointment. Any additional flavors would be charged as prices are stated above.

6. Is there a cake pillar/plate rental fee? There is no rental fee; however, there is a deposit required. Deposits are refunded when items are returned in good shape and in a timely manner (one week after event).

7. What is the cake delivery & set up fee? Toledo $40 - Areas surrounding Toledo $60. You are also welcome to pick-up any cake ordered and avoid any delivery charge; however, please note that cakes are FRAGILE and require you to treat them as so when transporting. So "please" drive carefully =)
( I can not be responsible for your cake's safety after it leaves my home.)

8. Do you allow alternate flavors by tier/layer? Yes

9. Do you offer any specials/discounts? I have specials/discounts listed in yellow (when available) above pricing.

10. What kind of payment do you accept? Cash is preferred or money order

11. What is the amount of deposit require? Minimum of 50% of the total cost of your order.

12. When is full payment required? 2 weeks before the wedding/event. Full payment is due, for smaller cakes, when the cake is picked up.

13. What is the cancellation policy? You have 2 weeks after placing an order and saving the date to cancel your order. After 2 weeks your deposit is no longer refundable. If you need to change the date, I will try my best to work with you according to what I have in my schedule. If your event is in less than 4 weeks, I still except deposits without the 2 week cancellation option.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tiers of Joy ~ Wedding Cakes

This is for a smaller, traditional wedding. Butter Cream frosting with edible pearl accents. Serves 40

For a smaller guest list, serving 5o.
Bottom layer is carrot cake with
cream cheese filling.
Top layer is french vanilla with
strawberry filling. Yummy!

This bride's
theme was green stars.
She loved it!

Made with the best tasting chocolate fondant!
I only use TLC 's
"Cake Boss" approved

Vanilla fondant details with butter cream frosting.

This was a Valentine's Day wedding.Can you guess what the theme was?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Incredible Edibles

Buttercream frosting, fondant bow, and edible silver accents. You can change the color and size to match your theme and have the perfect gift and eat it too!

This is an all fondant, buttercream base cake with fondant flowers. This would be a beautiful addition to any special event. The flower pattern could also be used for a wedding cake.

Perfect for that special someone! Everything on the silver tray is edible and delicious too!! This can be changed to match your special occasion

Fondant trinket box with
gumpaste roses.
Perfect for birthday, mother's day, bridal shower
or a larger version would also work for
a wedding.

For the Little Prince's 1st. Birthday!

Have your beer and eat it too!

Women love jewelry!
Women love cake!
Order this for her and she will love you!

This was for a Pastors birthday.
Do you know what the date on the book is?

This was a wedding cake made to match the bride's gown. Serves 38

Sweet 16 is even sweeter with a 3 tiered chocolate fudge cake that serves 100 guests! Butter cream with fondant details.

Hat box butter -
cream with fondant details.
Serves 38

Made for a Thanksgiving Feast at a preschool.
All fondant, pumpkin is pumpkin bread, apples
are apple muffins, grapes are blueberry muffin,
corn is french vanilla and horn is chocolate and french vanilla with butter cream filling.
Serves 80

All fondant with sparkles. Christmas gift made to match Christmas play theme.
Auctioned for fund raiser.

Serves 32

Birthday for Tire Man employee.

Fondant tire, butter cream base.

Serves 24

Happy Birthday Twilight Fan!

Red velvet with strawberry filling
works perfect for this cake.

Serves 50

Little Princess! Includes her own personal cake.

Butter cream with fondant details.

Serves 50

Winter Wonderland.

Made for a Christmas Party.

Buttercream, fondant details.

Serves 40

Children's Cakes starting at $60

This was a cake that I made for a child's second birthday. His mother gave me a napkin that was the theme of the party and I recreated it with the best tasting butter cream frosting and fondant.

Believe it or not, this is a baby shower cake! Dad is a BIG fan of spiderman!
cream frosting Serves 50

The Itsy Bitsy Spiderman turned ONE!
Buttercream frosting Serves 20

16th Birthday Boy loves 'Face Book' and 'Mario Cart'
Buttercream frosting with fondant details

HAY! This Birthday Girl is crazy about horses. Butter- cream frosting with fondant details Serves 20